SCADA is an effective tool to be used for water management system. It is not only used by utility companies to monitor water flow but also used in automating water treatment plants. SCADA is a real time system and therefore at Pyrumas we have an integrated solution where the PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) can send data continuously.
At Pyrumas we believe in technology and therefore have designed a platform to gather data from PLC from a variety of brands, make to collect, organize and analyze data all in real time. The data collected can be visualized and smart decisions can be made by analyzing complex data.
Analyzing and visualizing historical data is straightforward with Pyrumas Data Platform with an easy to use web interface. In the water and wastewater industry, SCADA software helps supervise the operation of remote telemetry units (RTUs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and manages the information generated throughout water management processes.
By leveraging IIoT to connect assets such as smart meters, water quality sensors or even farming
equipment, you can push data to a Cloud Historian platform that processes, analyzes and reports on utility and facility operations to anyone in your workforce, anytime its needed, anywhere they are.
Constant vigilance of municipal water and wastewater operations is vital to public health. Maintaining cost effective monitoring and control of those operations however, can be very challenging because operational facilities are often widely dispersed and frequently located near water sources and away from populated areas. Whether it’s facilities management, water/wastewater treatment or any variety of municipal service, Pyrumas Software can place you on the forefront of connected mobile workforces and the Smart Cities revolution.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software has emerged as the technology of choice for overseeing what is happening at scattered treatment, distribution and collection facilities.
Pyrumas SCADA solutions for water and wastewater management are specifically designed to provide:
Here are the benefits of using Pyrumas Water Management Solution:

  • An open integration platform. The open platform enables application development and operational independence from the specific PLCs and RTUs that are being used. The Wonderware platform is distributed so that multiple SCADA system information can be unified and organized, so that you no longer have to remember what is configured where.
  • A powerful HMI. The HMI provides graphic visualization, real-time situational awareness and alarm management wherever you need to be in a central or remote control room or on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.
  • A real-time historian database. The historian database is integrated with site controls to support capture and sharing of operating data.
  • Reporting. Advanced reporting automatically generates reports for chemical usage, energy consumption, water quality, discharge and alarms/events.
  • Remote alerting functionality. Remote alerting enables reliable remote notification and response for alarms and abnormal situations to cell phones and tablets.
  • Alarm management, notification and optimization. Alarm handling notifies operators about exceptions that require human intervention and also help optimize the system to reduce the number of unnecessary alarms.