Smart Water Meter & Billing


Water utilities are under pressure from growing demand, water stress, increasing energy prices and aging water systems. Our smart water network solution combines the power of Pyrumas’ advanced metering technology, software, and proven service with the communications system. Now water utilities can account for every drop and turn water into revenue through our enhanced leak detection and unparalleled data acquisition.
The Pyrumas smart water network solution is scalable to fit the needs of large and small utilities alike, realizing day-one savings, short-term payback and technology that will grow with you into the future.
Smart water meters deliver remote monitoring, advanced pressure sensing which are essential for water utility companies. We provide automated monitoring and billing solutions which can be integrated with the utility company’s existing software. The solution is web based can be accessed by both web and mobile.
The historical data can be viewed for the past months and for each month the corresponding values can be seen. The user can compare data for different periods and do time series analysis.
Integrated payment gateways enables the customers to pay bills without any hassles. They are secure and easy to use. Once the payment is complete, payment confirmation is sent to customers either by email or SMS or both.Some of the benefits of using Smart Water Meter:

  • Strategic Prioritization and allocation of capital expenditures
  • Improved leakage and pressure management
  • Streamlined network operations and maintenance
  • Streamlined water quality monitoring