About Us

Pyrumas was founded in 2007 with a vision to deliver sophisticated solutions to utility companies.  Pyrumas powers intelligent energy decisions with industry-leading software, research and consulting services. We help you develop, sell and operate with fast, precise insight into the energy, economic and environmental impacts of your projects with efficient Software. We make it simple to understand the financial, energy and environmental impacts of energy distribution. Whether sitting, planning or operating energy distribution systems or software, or managing an incentive program, Pyrumas has your solution.

Pyrumas powers the intelligent convergence of devices, systems and networks.  Our award-winning products provide configurable technology platforms for building and managing complex monitoring, control and automation solutions, including applications for safety and security, energy and utility management, asset tracking, building management and other business functions. Our products support integration and normalization of data, events and control functions from diverse devices, systems and networks, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol.  Leveraging these capabilities, our range of products enable rapid creation of open, inter-operable solutions featuring distributed processing, control and automation throughout the network infrastructure.

Pyrumas platforms allow for building and managing complex monitoring, control and automation solutions, including applications for building control, facility management, industrial automation, medical equipment, physical security, energy information systems, telecommunications, smart homes, M2M and smart services.

Pyrumas provides integrated solutions to manage power distribution, water and natural gas management. Over the years Pyrumas has deeply invested in technology to develop a powerful platform to monitor, analyze, visualize and take actions all in real time.

A leading pioneer in the energy and water management with solutions ranging from monitoring substations, feeders, high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) consumer system. We provide advanced SCADA systems to help manage the critical resources such as electricity, water and natural gas. Real time metering capabilities to monitor usage and take decisions with advanced analytics.

We also provide integrated billing and payment solutions to help cater consumers to pay bills online, view past bills and raise support requests to address customer grievances.

Our Solutions