Test Engineering

Independent Testing & QA Services

Tough economic conditions often force organizations to cut down on their IT budgets as well as find ways to get more out of every rupee spent. It is, therefore, extremely important to ensure the reliability, performance, security and continuity of the applications that run your business. Only rigorous multi-stage testing practices, skilled testing resources and robust automation tools can ensure that your investment in application and systems development gives sustained returns with minimal incremental maintenance expenses.

QA and Testing

Our expertise in enterprise product engineering helps us make targeted interventions across all stages in the development lifecycle of products and applications. Through the integration of the software development lifecycle with the testing lifecycle we significantly reduce the overall effort, time and costs incurred in software maintenance and testing.

Our QA services essentially blend the best in technology with our deep understanding of multiple domains to deliver reliable solutions.

Specialized Testing Services

Truly successful software applications have user centricity built into them. However, ensuring user centricity throws up multiple design and reliability challenges in terms of performance, security and compatibility.

Highly specialized skills, methodologies and tools are required to address end-user scenarios, which are as complex as they are numerous.

Specialized Testing Services

Regression Testing Performance Testing Mobile Testing
Alpha & Beta Testing Exploratory Testing Database Testing
Accessibility Testing Destructive Testing Web Testing Using SOAP UI
Functional Testing Usability Testing SOA Testing
Security Testing Smoke & Sanity Testing

Testing Automation Services

Functional/Regression Testing Performance Testing Test & Configuration Management Bug Tracking
HP QuickTest Pro JMeter Digite Bugzilla
IIBM Rational Functional Tester Load Runner JIRA Mantis
Selenium Microsoft Visual Studio TFS
SilkTest Siege HP Quality Center
Visual Studio Coded UI HTTP Watch Microsoft Test Manager
Cucumber IBM Rational

With mature testing processes and technical expertise, Pyrumas partners with its clients to conceptualize, plan, execute and continuously improve their automated testing frameworks.

Strong Expertise on Industry-Prevalent Test Automation Tools

Our test engineers have high proficiency in multiple generic and specialized test automation tools prevalent in the industry.

Our Solutions