Consumer relations

Consumer Relations


The traditional approach to Grievance Redressal, handled through letters and complaint forms, has very little appeal and its usage rarely reflects the actual state of customer satisfaction or lack thereof.
Consumer relations addresses customer grievances in a timely and orderly manner. It becomes imperative that the consumers should be satisfied as quickly as possible. Consumer relations module closes that gap by providing various ways to communicate with the utility companies such as integrated support available on the web page.
Customers can directly send support requests from multiple modes like Website, Mobile Application, Email, SMS, Telegram, Fax etc:- . The support requests are consolidated at the database and enable the support staff of the utility company to take action with all the necessary data. Integrating CGRS with Pyrumas MDMS will enable the consumer and the distribution company to get the data of the consumer such as location, the network that the consumer is connected to with all required information about the power failure or nature of the problem, priority of the issues, contact information and so on.
Pyrumas CGRS enables the consumer to track the complaint live to get the latest details on the complaint. Distribution companies will have multiple set of logins to check & update the status to the consumer.
Pyrumas CGRS will enable the consumer to streamline the process of Complaint management. Streamlining this process eliminates the need for long wait times and reduces turnaround times for utility companies.

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