Data Analytics

Data from smart sensors and other networked devices arrive really fast. Storing and organizing fast real time data can be both operationally challenging. The Pyrumas Data Platform provides a scalable solution to cater to data needs coming from different data sources. Pyrumas Data Platform is a powerful platform to analyze historical data. It also provides sophisticated tools to filter, drill-down and combine data from various sources to extract intelligence from machine generated data.

Time Series analysis on the event data generated from sensors provide a rich source of information to provide detailed analysis on the operation data. Emerging patterns and seasonal trends can be analyzed using time series analysis. It greatly augments the decision making capabilities and help utility companies view data in a different paradigm which is critical for operation.

Our data analytics platform has Business Intelligence tool integrated which uses cutting edge technologies to query data quickly from various data sources. Pyrumas OLAP BI platform enables users to use any of the existing BI visualization tools to connect and understand the data and get insights.

The raw energy data is stored in the data lake for further analysis. Slicing and dicing of data is supported for a terabyte scale of data with very low latency. The BI platform is completely web based and supports hundreds of users to query the data concurrently.

The data analytics platform has the following characteristics:

  • Volume: Pyrumas data platform supports huge data volumes to be analyzed which is essential for the utility companies to get a deeper insight. One of the challenges for utility companies is that the data management and governance of such humongous data collected from the consumers.
  • Velocity: Since the data collected from the consumers are in near real-time, the additional challenge on the utility companies is to manage the rate at which the data is flowing into the platform. Pyrumas data platform takes away that challenge from the utility companies by providing an out-of-the-box solution which can be used to collect consumer data without wasting time and effort.
  • Variety: Data formats could vary when collecting data. The data needs to be cleaned, normalized or denormalized before it can be analyzed. Pyrumas data platform provides a way to clean data, normalize them and provides a unified way of processing data.

With a whole new way of collecting data, it becomes necessary to provide a very robust platform and take away the pain from the utility companies of managing data.


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