Big Data Analytics Services

Big Data are massive and contain a wealth of information. They come at lightning pace, are in different forms and are uncertain—quite problematic in terms of data storage, analysis and processing. A different approach to data analysis is thus mandated.

A comprehensive analytics sequence that caters to structured and unstructured data involves five areas of specialization:

  • Data Extraction from a wide range of sources
  • Data Segmentation techniques to separate signal from noise
  • Data Management involving creation of master
  • Data Mining by applying intuitive models to generate business insights
  • Data Visualization to present the results in a way that is appealing and comprehensible

For analysis, our advanced Big Data Analytics services focus on leveraging both structured data (survey data, syndicated data and transactional data) and unstructured data (free flowing text, voice recordings, email and chat, social media). Through our expertise in next generation data analytics techniques and frameworks (such as Hadoop), we drive winning decisions through actionable insights. We help you analyze, augment and segment your data in order to gain insights and then go all the way through to real-time, predictive behavioral analytics that deliver powerful messages and personalization to your customers. This, in turn, translates to higher stickiness in customer loyalty.

Analytics- Lifecycle

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