Meter Data Management & Billing

Pyrumas Software offers a solution for all your utility billing software needs. Designed, written and supported with small to mid-sized utilities in mind, Our Software defines a new simplicity for managing unique utility office problems. Pyrumas Software for Billing will make your job easier by eliminating many manual operations and errors, processing in real time, and providing information in visually appealing displays. Find out about Pyrumas’s easy, time-saving payment options, flexible automation, and unequaled integration features.

Pyrumas Billing System integrated with the Meter Database Management System (MDMS) gives the distribution companies edge to give the consumer end to end automation processing of billing and payment collection.

Pyrumas Billing can also be used to get all the data from the meter with Spot billing device. The bills are generated automatically based on the price slabs and other conditions that are configurable. All the parameters of the billing software is configurable from the Distribution administrator interface.

Pyrumas Billing also comes with the inbuilt Consumer module where consumer can view his bills, pay bills online, drill down data, get the latest power consumption data.