Network data acquisition

data-aqElectrical Power has become indispensable to human survival and progress. Increasing gap between demand and supply made every other nation explore ways and means to enhance Power Generation capabilities from both conventional and non-conventional means.

Apart from efforts to meet growing demand, mounting AT&C losses in distribution is another challenge being faced by utilities world wide. Specifically developing countries owe to lack of proper energy accounting from infrastructural, technological shortfalls and manual interventions in energy billing.

Energy and network data management system enables distribution companies remotely monitor the energy data. The data is collected wirelessly using industrial grade Pyrumas PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which are fitted to the feeders, substations, transformers.

Pyrumas PLC transmits data wirelessly to Pyrumas cloud which collects raw data, formats them and prepares the data for later analysis. The data can be viewed graphically using the web interface which allows the distribution companies to remotely send commands and monitor data. The Pyrumas energy management console keeps track of the energy distributed at different feeders, substations, transformers and the different houses/industries connected to a transformer.
Using Pyrumas energy management console, the distribution companies can query all the houses connected to a particular transformer, all the transformers connected to a particular substation, all the substations connected to a feeder. This mechanism of query helps to understand what locality/houses gets impacted upon maintenance of the grid.

Pyrumas with its innovative technology has devised and successfully implemented the solution using RF and GPRS technology on sub-station feeder metering involving Data concentrator units and Meter interface units. MIUs collect the data at periodic intervals and transfers over internet to DCU which transfers the same to central server through GPRS. Intelligent modem/PLC offered at each of the DTR meter will transfer the data at predefined intervals over GPRS to central server.