Present day Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are equipped with capabilities to monitor and control entire cities. With new edge devices and communication with the network devices the need for an end-to-end solution which can seamlessly integrate with each other is ever more greater. The big data arriving at high speeds must be analysed in real time for spontaneous decision making capabilities.
At Pyrumas, we provide integrated solutions for the power utility companies who can monitor the sub-stations with ease and gain deeper understanding of the entire distribution network. The Pyrumas engine makes it easier to visualize and analyze data in real time.

AMR & Billing


Manual billing of electricity is labour intensive, time consuming and error prone. With the help of automated meter reading (AMR), the data is captured automatically in real time over the network. With the help of Pyrumas integration solutions, consumers can view the power consumed in real time. The historical data can be viewed for the past months and for each month the corresponding values can be seen. The user can compare data for different periods and do time series analysis. Integrated payment gateways enables the customers to pay bills without any hassles. They are secure and easy to use. Once the payment is complete, payment confirmation is sent to customers either by email or SMS or both.

Network Data Acquisition


Energy and network data management system enables distribution companies remotely monitor the energy data. The data is collected wirelessly using industrial grade Pyrumas PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which are fitted to the feeders, substations, transformers. Pyrumas PLC transmits data wirelessly to Pyrumas cloud which collects raw data, formats them and prepares the data for later analysis. The data can be viewed graphically using the web interface which allows the distribution companies to remotely send commands and monitor data. The Pyrumas energy management console keeps track of the energy distributed at different feeders, substations, transformers and the different houses/industries connected to a transformer.
Using Pyrumas energy management console, the distribution companies can query all the houses connected to a particular transformer, all the transformers connected to a particular substation, all the substations connected to a feeder. This mechanism of query helps to understand what locality/houses gets impacted upon maintenance of the grid.

Consumer Relations


Consumer relations addresses customer grievances in a timely and orderly manner. It becomes imperative that the consumers should be satisfied as quickly as possible. Consumer relations module closes that gap by providing various ways to communicate with the utility companies such as integrated support available on the web page. Customers can directly send support requests from the same portal as they pay bills and view usage data. The support requests are communicated to the utility companies with all the necessary metadata required about the customer such as location, nature of the problem, priority of the issues, contact information and so on. Streamlining this process eliminates the need for long wait times and reduces turnaround times for utility companies.

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