Is Mobile-voting is a reality in India?

West Virginia became the first U.S. state to allow internet voting using blockchain. The project applied to a small group of voters in the state’s most recent primary election.

Estonia uses blockchain perhaps more than any other country. 30 percent of Estonians use it for “i-Voting.” The country estimated that i-Voting saved 11,000 working days in the most recent elections.

In May 2018, West Virginia became the first state to allow internet voting by blockchain. The pilot project was the Mountain State’s primary elections, and it was only offered to deployed military personnel and their dependents from two counties. But the program appears to have worked without a hitch, and West Virginia’s secretary of state is expected to announce if the project will be extended to the fall’s midterm elections.

Using blockchain for elections is one of the most promising applications of the technology. Its security and identity protection features could reduce fraud, help voters trust that their vote remains anonymous, increase turnout, and allow for instant results in elections. Using the technology, voters might be able to scan their thumb on a smartphone and vote on their commutes to work on election day. If everyone voted through blockchain, nobody could vote twice. The record of that vote would be inviolable, and every polling place would have an immediate record of every voting ID that had cast a ballot.

At the same time, blockchain is still a very new technology. In many cases the main hurdle for its deployment is lack of knowledge about its benefits. And just like any technology and much like the internet itself, blockchain is surrounded by big question marks and many myths.

In a country like India if we use this technology we can run the election without using all the resources like Police, NSA and all bureaucrats we can run the election in a single phase and get the results instantaneously. For a developing country it will be over hundreds of crores of money saved and over 2 months of productive time with Digital India will also becoming reality.

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